Having a car to drive is a rite of passage for many American teenagers. These young people look forward to having their own transportation as a sign of their growing independence, and as a means of getting to their first jobs to  fund that growing independence.

As exciting a time as this may be, we can’t overlook that these eager teens are highly inexperienced behind the wheel. It is an unfortunate irony that these at-risk drivers are often end up with vehicles that are either in need of repair, or that do not have the most modern safety equipment available.

Here at Friendly’s, we understand the worry of keeping our children safe. That why we also know how to get them behind the wheel of the right vehicle. Feel free to rely on our knowledge and experience to keep your vehicles safe.

When choosing a car for your teen, we agree with some of the rules set out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • Young drivers should stay away from high horsepower.
  • Bigger, heavier vehicles are safer.
  • Electronic stability control (ESC) is a must.
  • Vehicles should have the best safety ratings possible.


They discuss safety for young drivers in more detail, and also give their picks for safe cars under $20,000 that are suitable for inexperienced drivers.

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