The Industrial Revolution brought a new era of prosperity to our culture. Good could be manufactured, people could be employed, and the economy grew. This progress came at a cost, of course. There were human costs due to poor safety practices. Another cost is the toll on the environment from industrial by-products.

The automotive industry in particular produces a lot of waste, from oils and chemicals, to junk parts.

We at Friendly’s are dedicated to recycling as much as possible, and to disposing of the remainder as safely as possible.

General Motors was in the news recently because the environmental impact of the auto industry is on their minds as well. Specifically, they are concerned about the way rubber is being harvested. They have directed their suppliers to harvest the rubber in a way that does not damage the environment, and htat provides for a healthy next crop. This practice is called sustainability.

While this all sounds wonderful, it means more work and planning, which means that tire prices may go up slightly.

In the end, it depends on the market. What are your thoughts? Would you pay slightly more for tires knowing that they were produced in a way the protected both the environment and worker safety?

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And, for more details, read the full article on Automotive News here: